By Magic Momo on August 21st, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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The Manticore is an ancient, fabled creature of incredible ferocity. It's predatory nature earned it the name Maneater.
Maneaters by nature, the Charr are a perfect embodiment of the monster Manticore.
Lion's Manes, Long Horns, Bat wings and Killer Claws come together with dark earth tones in this look.

Bat Wings Backpack
Olmakhan Horns


Interesting to see how your dyes react to the different armor pieces, I tend to get quite different results with the dyes I've picked for a similar set-up. Really cool to see it work!
I love the look and the idea behind it, always been a bit of a sucker for mythology so wahey...
Normally I'm not a fan of the "wing" backpacks, but in this case it really plays too well into the whole idea, so major kudos for that. Really cool look even without the wings as well though, so that's amazing too :)
2018-08-22 2:18

Fashion Collector
This is pretty good, love the way the hair colour meshes into the houndskin mantle. The braham chestpiece fur is a bit too light, you should look into making it a shade darker so it flows into the rest of the fur. Otherwise, despite being a bit of a crowded look, looks pretty badass, nice gladiatorish look without the wings and on theme with the wings on. Good pics too.
2018-08-22 4:48

Fashion Guru
Lovely Charr creation. Even that I am not fan of that hair, here it fits perfectly.
2018-08-22 14:51