The Huntmaster

By Jasper Deftarrow on August 17th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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In a world full of ungodly partical effects and ronald mcdonald costplay, I bring you a return to class fantasy inspired transmogs with the classic ranger transmog: The Huntmaster. Focusing on dark hues and color to texture compatibility we have a look that aspires to a more natural feel and unifying appearance across all pieces and dyes. Metals look like metals, leathers and cloths look like leathers and cloths. Everything is brought together with a theme of utilitarianism inspired by traditional ranger fantasy.

The longbow I have featured here is the Onyx Lion Longbow recently added to the game. Its not yet available in the options on this site.
See here for details


I'm not too sure about the weapons, but I really like your armor ^^ And the way your Jackal is dyed :D
2018-08-19 6:42

Jasper Deftarrow
The Fiery Dragon Sword is my favorite sword as its a Guild Wars franchise classic from the first release of original GW and its exclusive to GW1 players through the hall of monuments. I have frostfang cuz I like the flavor of having fire and ice themed weapons.
2018-08-21 22:37 in reply to nilox