Shenxue Oakley - Sylvari Cowgirl

By Dace on August 7th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Yellow
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If it's one thing Shenxue desires it is magical knowledge. Channeling raw elemental might is her passion. Channeling multiple elements at once is her specialty. Crackling with magical might, scorpion weapons, and a spiffy new hat Shenxue welcomes any and all challengers.

I kinda thought my next cowgirl look would actually be with my Deadeye. But I had wanted to make use of the Scorpion King weapons, hence the name. The cowgirl part came later. This look I actually made tonight and then took some quick screens as I was really happy with how it turned out. I had a different look entirely actually. The original look for the use of the Desert King weapons made use of the Nightmare Court, Koda, and Lich armors. It ... it was an interesting look but the backstory for it was that she had been captured by Joko and been turned by him. Thus I was going to use the gems on the Koda pieces in order to be mind control jewels and then the lich eye as Joko keeping an eye on her. The look was ok, and I may post it some time, but this is better.

I came upon it by accident. I was just going through the wardrobe and fooling around with different pieces. I put the Swagger hat on her and just thought she looked awesome. So I started messing around some more. The Nightmare boots looked awesome and with the hat kinda looked like a good set of cowboy boots. I swapped out the bottom to use something that would showcase the boots and ended up with Snapdragon leggings, which makes for a lovely kinda vaudeville esque kinda dress. I had initially thought about keeping the original Nightmare top but I clicked around and decided to use the Dryad coat since it kinda sorta looks like a plant like a corset. I had considered the Whisper top too but eventually passed. The gloves were hard. Almost every one I tried kinda sorta fit well with the look. I finally decided to go with the Storm gloves to just have raw crackling power, which showed up better at night (along with her Sylvari glow from herself and the armor pieces).

The colors were a happy accident. It's actually a holdover from the original look which I had made up to mix with the desert sands, hence all the yellows. But when I swapped in the new pieces the colors just worked for me. It was bold, to be sure, but it all fit. I just made some minor adjustments here and there. As for the location .... well ... I was already in the PvP arena when I created the look. I was going to return to Elona to do some shots next to sand dunes and what not but when I took the pics of her behind the tree branches (which just looked perfect to me) I decided to continue there, even if the location didn't fit the overall theme.

The Desert King skins used for this were the staff, sword, and focus (the focus just fits the overall cowgirl image). The glider she is using is Feathers of Zephyr The title is also a play on a real cowgirl, Anne Oakley. Look her up!


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