Scourge of Jormag

By Dace on August 2nd, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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In the Ruins of Orr Kanshou fought to kill an undead dragon. In the jungles to the west, Kanshou helped to lay to rest a dragon that sought to turn her and her loved ones into mindless slaves of destruction. In the south-east she helped to kill a mad god. After spending time in the jungle, a sunken island, and a sweltering desert Kanshou traveled north on a hunt for rare materials to build a new suit of armor. While traveling Kanshou found herself drawn into the Kodan and Norn's conflict with the minions of Jormag. It was the battle with one of his lieutenants, the Claw of Jormag that left a lasting mark on her. The scar that formed was frozen to the touch and pulsated with a chilly aura. The Kodan shamans that tended to her after the battle said that the scar would remain until Jormag was defeated.

This look was fun to put together but did take some work. For starters, I had to wait until Braham's set came back into the Gem store. I initially thought I would make use of the chest and leg of Braham's but as I tooled around with the piece I came to realize that Koda leggings worked best for this look. At first, I was attempting a dragon hunter look that would make use of either the Draconic armor pieces, shadow of the Dragon pieces, or the Horns of the Dragon. Try as I might I couldn't make any of those pieces work. The Draconic helm and the Horns of the Dragon almost made the look though. I eventually settled on the Mask of the Wanderer and thought that the face paint would make for an awesome facial scar, which I made Core Ice due to how brightly blue it was. I did struggle with the boots. I eventually tried the Phalanx boots since I had the outfit still sitting in my bank due to not liking the overall look of the armor set. I also tried very hard to work the Herald's Shoulderplate into the look. I had initially envisioned the look being something akin to Glint's herald and thus I wanted the dragon look on the shoulders. But it never got to feeling right. I eventually went with the Vigil's shoulder and hand pieces.

Color wise I wanted a snowy wintery kind of a look. I had originally tried to work with just the ice and snow colors I had but they didn't really blend into the look the right way. I then opted to use browns to help highlight the other colors and as a border color to tie the rest of the look together.


Missing some Screenshots of the Character Select Screen for a better presentation of the armor and maybe a slightly different array of locale. There's some pretty cool springs and other beautiful alpine areas around in the game, but with a little more grass and change from just Snow.

Looks great so far though, I especially like the little story about the scarred face. Adds an extra dimension (plus the Wanderer's Mask is just amazing with Sylvari Glows and such). Keep them coming :)
2018-08-03 4:11

Fashion Guru
For this one I wanted to stick with the winter theme. I liked the Frostforged Sound mostly because I think Kodan are awesome and that's where she would have gotten her scar. I also liked the snow and snowing. Though for the next profile I will post the screens were taken from Orr, Silverwastes, and Verdant Brink since they're of my newest toon a Sylvari Guardian that is a Pale Reaver. I think folks will really like that one too as I opted for a color palette I've rarely seen here.
2018-08-03 7:05

Love how the Chest and legs go nicely together :D she looks like one cool sylvari! Gold :)
2018-09-30 8:30

Fashion Guru
Thanks!!!! I had to wait 2 weeks before the proper top went on sale in the Gem store. I'm having trouble coming up with a new look for her though :(
2018-10-06 21:37 in reply to LadyLou