Floral Druid

By Xoz_101 on August 1st, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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I have decided to make a series of looks based on the elite specializations starting with my sylvari ranger in druid attire with her pet Phyto. I know not everyone will agree with the pink but I kept it because it matches the flowers on the backpack as well as Kudzu.

Update: I have received some helpful feedback to add more brown colors to to my look so I did


I like the armour mix as well as the overall colour blend, but I recommend you add some shades of brown to really sell the earthy looks you have going.
2018-08-02 1:01

Thanks for the feedback deepblood
2018-08-02 1:23 in reply to DeepbloodEclipse

Fashion Guru
The pink is ok, it's the green that's a problem. Since the skin is already green the outfit would have benefited from a bit more contrast in earthy tones. I would have used brown or the darker orange and yellows.
2018-08-02 21:58

Loving it with the additional browns, btw!
Didn't react before, but I like the overall look and feel of the outfit, the colors did slightly bother me at the time, but they're really quite nice now :)
2018-08-21 3:33