Arcane Power Tech

By Dace on July 27th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Where do you go when you one of the brightest minds the Sylvari have to offer? Well, Rata Sum of course (you also go there when you want to return a jetpack that you were told would be in your size). Well sure you could go to the Black Citadel but the Charr lack a certain amount of elegance that the Asura tech wizards have. The city also possesses a level of dirt and pollution that a Sylvari feels is uneasy. Would it hurt them to go green? The new mystical rifle design that the Ausra helped him with was appreciated. The bickering of the Ausra, however, was something Kexue could have done without.

I've been wanting the Magitech skin set for a long time. I was really happy when it came back up for sale. I find a lot of elements to be bulky so I trimmed them back in order to get a more sleek look going. Thus I only used the coat itself and the headpiece (which kinda sorta acts like an optical targeting system, with the rifle feeding information to his optical scope). I really liked the glowing centerpiece for the chest. It reminds me of Iron Man. I had even considered going for that lock but I decide not to in the end. The outfit came together a lot easier than most outfits I design for Kexue. Even the shoulder piece just clicked. It was pretty much the first pieace I tried and it juts worked. For the pants I went with the Spearmarshals because with the boots he has on it looks like the pants are tucked into the boots and I liked how that looked. The Rogue Boots were the perfect height to pull that look off too. The final element was the rifle, making use of the Arcane Rifle skin. I really wish that weapon skins were included as items you could displaying when you display your normal weapons. I then just added the Ausra back piece that you get from the Birthday kit. I forgot what year it is though, I think year 4 or 5. Color wise I wanted everything to kinda dull and worn out. So when I picked the colors I tended to use ones that were bright enough against the material to stand out but not so bright as to make the clothes look new, with the exception of the centerpiece which I wanted to glow as if it had magical and alchemical fluid moving through it. The theme of the photo shoot was going to be a series of pictures of Kexue trying to get a refund for his backpack but then I realized it would be mostly awkward shots of him showing his back to the camera. So, in the end, I went with the general idea that he was in Rata Sum doing research and being frustrated with the Asura.

Overall I'm in love with this look.


Fashion Guru
Really nice idea, i love it! Gold!
2018-11-01 17:15

Fashion Guru
Thanks!!! I've updated the look for a Scrapper build. Uses the same coat but most everything else is changed out. I'll have to post it soon.
2018-11-12 18:38 in reply to morv