Korenjall - Living Storm

By ixiduffixi on July 26th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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I liked the way the Auras for Bolt and Howler looked together and decided to go with it. The gloves are actually the Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.

Yes, I know the cursor is in the way of some of the shots. I didn't notice it until after the fact. :(

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Quite cool, I especially like how the Electro Purple dye looks. Really goes well with Bolt's effects.
That said, I would've probably picked a few different armor pieces other than Carapace to add to the mix and originality, but the use of the Zephyrite Helm without it looking out of place makes up for a lot of that originality. Got something nice going on here :)
2018-07-27 2:20

Thanks! I really wish I could have found a more reasonable set of boots. But all of the ones I found were either too short or didn't fit the theme. I could have gone with Foefire Greaves if I ever buy them, but in all honesty I would feel cheesy adding another aura. :D
2018-07-27 16:24

Fashion Guru
I actually like the boots
2018-07-27 20:50

Thanks! I'm probably going to stick with them since I can't find anything else that goes with the look. I did however change the shoulders from Carapace to Elonian.
2018-08-03 13:52 in reply to Dace