night mage

By polneko on July 13th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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my first sylvari character. the thing about this look is, it is not just about armor skins. her skin colour and body shape is more important, i really hate sylvari characters with regular armor, it looks odd. their body is actually so much better without the armor. so i'm using this look for pvp, pretty simple, no boots or headgear, plain simple black colour on armor and black skin, black hair. only her glow thing is blue so she looks pretty cute at night. oh i also use shadow weapon skin set.


Fashion Guru
What exactly are you looking to do? If you don't want to use normal armor have you tried mixing the Cultural armors a bit more? I think using all that black really undersells the highlight Sylvari armor also having its own glow. I think all black just makes everything blend together and thus nothing really stands out or pops.
2018-07-13 22:00

Fashion Guru
Interesting idea, have you tried looking at some of the nightmare armor? It can tie in quite nicely with the Sylvari armor as they are both very floral ^^ It would be awesome to see if you could perhaps tie in a highlight such as a dark purple or something to bring out the palette of her body. Keep it up!
2018-07-30 8:46

thanks! i tried to make her look more intimidating, mix of cultural armor and leystone headgear which gives her a little bit more sparkles, and that weird lightning-blessed zephyrite gloves also looks cool.. i used dark blue on armor but it now shows..
2018-07-31 9:45 in reply to Keyan

Fashion Collector
Sylvari are always hard to work with, so thier options are limited. I agree that regulars clothes dont really work. Unfortunately, you character is so dark the rest of the armor needs to be dark to compensate. But if you are going for a nightmare court look, its fi e.
2019-02-17 4:22

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