Death's Beastly Servant

By Egon on July 13th, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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15 2
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When He walks through the Black Citadel, the omnipresent clash of iron will cease. Cubs hide behind adults. Adult Charrs try to look away to not facing Him, or they change their steps. Everyone calms their voice to whisper. He spreas fear far ahead. He doesn't talk much, but when He does, His creepy voice is deep and icy, creating goosebumps.

How rumors say, when Tyrrghan was a cub, he walked too far away from the fahrar. He wanted to be a blood legion soldier, fighting in the first line of the war. But the fate had different plans with him. He was kidnapped to Ascalon ruins. Rumors say, that those kidnappers were falllen darkest Ascalonian sorcerers, who were imprisoned for ages even in times of the original Ascalonian city Rin. They fled after the Foefire, and as all Ascalonians, even these sorcerers wanted to destroy Charrs. They chose the Tyrrghan to find secret of Charr's resilience. They beat him, and tortured with dark magic to make him tell, But their magical torturing changed Tyrrghan so much, that he almost became one of them - that scared them and they fled unknown to where. His face mark he got, wasn't washable, turning his look to monster. He got strange power, that was not only physical, but also magical. He found that he has ability to turn life to death, and also conversely. His power frightened him. He felt like the Death's Servant. He lived in seclusion for years, till he was adult. Even ghosts were scared of him, so he had not troubles to live in the underground, under the Ascalonian ruins. Once he came back to Black Citadel, he became the only Gladium, who has total respect. No one will allow themself to doubt about it.

Here is my necro/reaper Charr. I tried to make him as creepy as possible, with craziness in his face and hairstyle. I tried blue/black dye combo to fit with the Ghostly infusion. The Archon leggins is also the only skirt, suitable for Charr, and fits him as hell. So, what do you think about him and his notable story? :)

EDIT 10/2/2019 - Got the Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings! I love them!


Fashion Collector
Some awesome screenshots there! Great overall look and colour palette. Nice one! ^^
2018-07-19 12:51

Fashion Guru
Thank you so much! Great to finally have a comment also on my necro :-)
2018-07-20 11:56 in reply to Keyan

I don't know if it's me, but the pictures look really heavily pixelated, might I advise you to temporarily turn the graphical settings to maximum when taking screenshots? Other then that, he looks like an actual bona fide Necromancer.
2018-07-30 17:50

Fashion Guru
Thank you ;-)
2018-08-02 11:46 in reply to DeepbloodEclipse

O Gwom
Nice Charr!
The face paint/mask makes him look quite terrifying!
2018-08-11 11:44

Fashion Guru
Thank you! Yep, the face mask hit the spot :)
2018-08-11 18:28 in reply to O Gwom

I really love that facemask on the charrs, looks so good! Nice set all around too :-)
2018-08-26 5:55

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I found it quite unique and frightening :)
2018-08-30 12:23 in reply to Hoba

This is odd for a character but makes me think of Hades from that Hercules Disney movie, love the concept, very good job! gold :)
2018-09-02 15:47

Fashion Guru
Ahaha, yeah, maybe a little bit :D Thsi didn't come up to my mind :D Glad you like it, thanks fot voting and comm :)
2018-09-03 12:47 in reply to AraeX

Well, that's a Creepy Charr for sure.
He could also be the lead singer of a heavy metal band ;)

Really interesting design, and as others have mentioned, the face mask is just great.

I like it :)
2018-10-21 15:26

Fashion Guru
Thank you! He's a bit crazy, yeah :D But wouldn't you get crazy when tortured by Ascalonian ghost sorcerers? :-)
2018-10-22 9:03 in reply to Viashino

Fashion Guru
Wow, your character looks very nice. He has very crazy hair, I like it very much. Also a very interesting story.
really cool that we met in the game.

2018-11-25 6:45

Fashion Guru
It was really nice to meet you too :) Thanks for the comment and rating!
2018-11-25 13:21 in reply to morv

I really dig this. There are some spelling and grammatical issues in the description, but we're here for the armor and the screenshots and both of those are spot on.
2019-01-04 16:57

Fashion Guru
Thank you! :-)
2019-01-08 12:20 in reply to Caleb_Aurion

This is what I like the most ;) Very cool hairstyle. Take my gold
2019-01-23 23:16

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I am proud of that hairstyle :D It was wort that brave choice as I see :P
2019-01-24 13:46 in reply to Frans