Risuna Ojo - Light Princess

By Akuma Hikari on July 10th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Yellow
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After she obtained The Bifrost, Risuna felt a strange power in her. And a melody that if you hear closely it was almost like the Legendary Weapon itself was wispering her something. A high pitch note that hurts Risuna's ears and it stops only after a kill, a murder. How she found out? "One night the voice was so loud that Risuna couldn't handle it anynore, she grab the Bifrost and run to Yggdrasil - The tree of life. There she hoped the wise spirit of Yggrasil could give her an answer, a solution. She kept praying for a sign and kept screaming from the pain. Then a Man appears with a long white beard and show her the closest village.He didn't say anything he just show her the way.
Risuna went there immediately for an answer, but before she could ask anything the voice from the weapon kept getting more and more painful to the point where she couldnt handle it anymore and on the brake point she cast her strongest spell without even notice it and burn all the village....The voice from the Weapon stops But then a new voice appears.It was her own voice, Risuna's that it was whispering the same thing over and over again......'Killing Stop's the Pain - Killing is good for my health , Killing Stop's the Pain - Killing is good for my health - KILLING IS GOOD".


Fashion Guru
The screens are just stunning.
2018-07-11 3:51

Akuma Hikari
Thanks a lot...when you cant farm anymore just take some ss's and back to grind ;)
2018-07-11 12:05 in reply to Dace

the angle of the screenshots draws the eye to the scenery in the background, would be better to lower the camera and focus on your character a bit more

looks nice anyway
2018-07-11 16:52

Akuma Hikari
Thanks im still trying to figure it out with the ss's and the angle...i'll try what you suggest thanks
2018-07-12 8:12 in reply to Bunn

fapable! 10/10
2018-07-20 18:46