A soul split between beasts and tech.

By Alastor on July 8th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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My current soulbeast, I'm not that fond of her gloves to be honest. Waiting until they come out with others I guess.


Fashion Guru
I find your choice of colors absolutely amazing. As for gloves have you considered Sneaktheif or Prowler?
2018-07-09 19:38

I like sneakthief better, but it just doesn't quite hit that futuristic look I'm going for. And thank you for the compliment by the way. :)
2018-07-10 1:58

Fashion Collector
Can't really add anything to this, find the dyes on point, love that the always grimy-looking engineer pick magitech chest looks awesomely regal here with the deadeye shoulders. Agree the gloves don't quite fit, but they do look really nice for the general outline of the outfit.

Would love to see more screens, but this is an amazing suit, good work.
2018-07-10 5:12

I would tone down the blues a bit, they're too standout on the gloves and shoulders.
2018-07-10 11:58

They're meant to be glowing lol. If I could find something that made them glow and look higher tech I would. :)
2018-07-10 16:33

This looks absolutely great, It's not entirely steampunk, feels like it's straight out of a Command and Conquer game(must be the colours)
2018-07-30 18:10

Fashion Collector
I think the elonian gauntlets match well with the high tech theme. I agree that electro blue isn't really doing a good job at making them glow. I would accent them with gold instead and find some boots to match such as rubicon
2019-02-17 0:48

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