Desert Warlock

By Dace on July 8th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Over the years Duke Mainyu had become a rising figure in the royal court. It is no easy task to consider Logan Thackery and Countess Anise as personal friends. Being nobility is not enough, as there are many sycophants in the ranks of the aristocracy. The duke prefers being in the thick of the action than he did the confines of Divinity's Reach. It was because of Mainyu's heroics and scholarly work in the field of necromantic sorcery that the queen asked for him to join her delegation and relief efforts going to Elonia. While speaking with local priests Angra was told of a branch of necrmantic sorcery that had been lost to the desert. So, one afternoon Angra, along with his two minions Tom and Jerry, walked into the desert and began his search.

My necromancer is named Angra Mainyu which is a Zoroastrian angel/god of death and darkness. My friends nicknamed him Necrobromancer because when the game first came out the only real black hairstyle was that giant afro. So you know ... it was time for a hairstyle change. The dreadlocks are awesome but if you do them in black you lose the definition and details in the hair. It took me a loooooong time to settle on a color that looked natural and light enough to make his facial hair but not to light as for me to not like it.

This was a hard look to come up with. Three hours of work. I struggle with the light armors as I feel a lot of them are just variations of the same basic theme. I wanted something for his Scourge look though and something unique for Path of Fire. I started out with the Spearmarshal look and tried to evolve that somehow. Three hours later and the various pieces finally came together to make him look more like a desert wizard, or warlock. The green glowing eyes was him tapping into a new brand of necromantic engery. I really liked the Order of Whispers set. I've used it before for this toon and I really like the mystical robe type nature to it. The Acolyte Mantle is really cool because it has these spots for magical gems and then this hood in the back which I can picture being raised as he travels through the sands.

I wanted to use browns to make him kinda blend into the desert sand. I didn't want it too light, which is what the sand and sandstorm dyes were. So more darker browns. Being a necromancer I decided to toss in some green. I did, however, make use of the sand colors in the jewelry. I didn't opt for a real green and black mix though, which is fairly common for necromancers. Finally, I opted to make use of the shifting sands skins to better represent a set of weapons derived from studying a new brand of magic related to desert sands. I really do like how the sand just falls off the weapons. You know they have a shifting sands mining pick that I thought was the first of a set but sadly I was disappointed.


Fashion Collector
Oh, he looks awesome! The gritty tones fit well with the desert theme and the mixture of armor really sticks well together!
2018-07-11 16:04

Fashion Guru
Thanks!!!! I'm very proud of that look. Light armor is one of the armor classes I have trouble working with. Right now I'm struggling with an armor idea for my Ele. I have the concept in my head I just can't get all the right pieces. It doesn't help that Light armor isn't one I have as much of. Well .... Heavy is the least but what makes Light so difficult is the real lack of variety in them for female toons.

One day soon though I'll have it, or at least a baseline for it. I'll put it together in the coming weeks and see what people think.
2018-07-13 4:20

at first it looks like your character is sylvari ... had to look closer :)))
2018-07-14 16:58

Fashion Guru
haha. Sylavri are my favorite and my two mains are Sylvari. I just created two new looks for my two mains and I'm working on another look for my Ele Sylvari. I just created my 4th Sylvari too. Though fashions for him is on the back burner.
2018-07-15 2:49