Commander Heathcliff (SAO)

By Cordelephant on July 7th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Heathcliff from Sword Art Online.

Shield is a pretty important part, so I'll specify that it's the Bloodstone Shield. It's the only shield in the game with the pretty distinct cross-shape on it, similar to Heathcliff's in the anime.

Any help for what I could change, in particular, the gauntlets and legplates to would be appreciated!


Looks pretty dope IMO.

Maybe Exemplar's Edge for the sword, grey hair instead of white.

I would try Triumphant legplates, or Carapace tassets as well as Body of Koda, as they have the faulds around the hips.

Rampart warplate for the chest looks good too and Ascalonian protector gauntlets have a similar shape to Heathcliff's.
2018-07-07 13:43

Ooh, I dig the gauntlet suggestion. I was looking for some gauntlets like that on which the color of the fingers and actual hand differ from the primary color of the forearm, and Ascalonian Protector gauntlets are perfect!

As for the sword, I was thinking more about the Gallant Sword, because of how clean and plain Heathcliff's sword is. But I do like the handleguard of Exemplar's Edge allot better
2018-07-07 22:49 in reply to Julliant

Akuma Hikari
Looks Cool no doubt that you did great on the cosplay...Great Work Keep it up
2018-07-09 10:34

Fashion Guru
wherent his hair grey? :o
2018-07-12 16:18

Fashion Collector
Looks amazing! Good work!
2019-02-17 4:42