Honorable Ronin, Shield of the People

By Britchesandhose on June 20th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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When I got a blade, I became a foolish man. I wandered into the Canthan mountains to hunt and was ambushed by some frost bears. One raked me across the face, and my vision was compromised. I flailed wildly as blood ran into my eyes, knowing that my chances of survival were next to none. The last thing I remember was yelling the prayers my grandfather taught me, then the world going blank.

Somehow, I awoke with my wounds bandaged, underneath a bell in a monastery in the mountains. I wandered around and no monks were to be found. I rang the bell to signal the monks of my presence, and with a whip of light and wind the bell transformed into a great white nine-tailed fox. He introduced himself as Osamu, the sole caretaker of the abandoned monastery. His greatest joy in life has been to help people, and he came to my rescue when he heard my prayers on the wind.

"Why do you stay at this monastery if you wish to help the world? Surely there are others you could save," I asked. He was bound to the monastery and had to return every night, and could only leave permanently when the last monk at the monastery released him. Though he urged me repeatedly to thoroughly recover, I spent the next three days taking the entry rites, releasing Osamu from servitude, and then taking the rites of exit. The world needs more like Osamu, and together we can perform many great deeds.

I gathered my sword and bow, and we started our journeys together: mine to repay my debt, and his to use his freedom to help others. We headed for Kaineng, and across the sea to Lion's Arch. We saw the refugess from the land of Elona, and both immediately knew where our paths led. To Elona, land of the rising sun.
About the look: Ronin samurai! I've had this look for a while, but I didn't have the mask. I kind of forgot about it until I happened to unlock the Shrine Guardian mount skin as part of a Black Lion chest. So I decided to make it a themed look!

In the two screenshots before the bandages, the mask of the Wanderer is dyed Blood.


nice armor mix and cool story. i think the dye is a little plain but that's because there's not much clothing. you did the look well and the screenshots are cool but i think you could use more fighting shots.
2018-06-22 9:18

Fashion Guru
Very nice! I like his story and his rugged samurai look. Reminds me a bit of Mitsurugi from "Soul Calibur", at least through the fourth one.
2018-08-09 17:08