The Missing Constellation: Sky Painter Koganeki

By PrincessPoop on June 12th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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Koganeki dreamed of painting stars into the night sky as well as a pair of cosmic swords. She was then born of a young, golden tree in the Echovald Forest in Cantha. She scoured the entire Canthan continent before ending up in the Nahpui Quarter and learning of the existence of The Oracle of the Mists, whom she desperately sought counsel from. He showed her how to become "Closer to the Stars" as well as informing her that the swords she seeks lie in many pieces scattered across the continent of Tyria. Koganeki booked passage north, but her ship was caught in a storm and crash landed off the coast of Istan. She learned of the Astralarium and traveled there to study. She discovered many new and old constellations which she charted in her personal star map. She learned the ways and tools the Istani used to view the night sky. She took many of these tools and combined them into her axe so that she would always have them with her. She used this new mechanism to win great favor and eventually, she won the trust of the elusive Sunspears. She helped them discover many new and exciting things about the night sky, and earned the nickname Sky Painter. While researching in their archives one day, she came across an old tome that told about the legendary swords Sunrise and Twilight and how they could be fused together to form the ultimate weapon. She realized these must be the swords she was looking for. She took the tome with her to central Tyria, and learned of a famous craftsman named Hobbs in Lions Arch, who was said to make blueprints for weapons light the ones she sought. She became the apprentice of a weapons smith there before seeking out Hobbs. After many long months, she had made a sword infused with the sunlight itself: Dawn. It was a start to one of her legendary swords. She was seeking further advice in Lions Arch when one morning she crossed paths with Miyani, who told her that an Elonian djinn named Zomorros lived within the well in the center of Lions Arch and that he had a great knowledge of rare, mystical and legendary weapons. Koganeki spent the next year working with Zomorros and collecting various tokens of the sun and light to unlock the secrets of the sunlight blade until they finally made a breakthrough. She has started the forging process over with the night blade and she spends her days now wandering the continents of Tyria and Elona, searching for the essence of night time and darkness, as well as sharing her knowledge of the night sky. She hasn't yet come to realize the full potential of her dream, but she knows that when she finally grasps both day and night in her hands, the night sky of Tyria, will be a lot brighter.


Fashion Collector
i like this color combo! and i think this look might be one of the only ones where i think a legendary really fits. i might have gone with different gloves, but i think that's really the only thing i'd change. i'd love to see more screens!
2018-06-16 22:31

I love it! The character is built around the armor and not the other way around.
2018-06-30 4:34