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By Dace on May 27th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Shenxue was the second Sylvari I made. The general theme I had when playing her was that of an Ice Princess or Witch depending on the mood. She has this look about her that looks real evil at times but in an innocent way. Spellcasters are one of my favorite things to play in any game, be it MMO, console game, or tabletop rpg. What I liked most about this take on it was the use of sigils and the toon actually creating the image in the air. Reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist. Weaver is just making that all better. Shenxue is my best toon for PvP. I do awesome with her there, making good use of her sword and dagger. Then I take her into WvW and just get owned. Go fig.

I've been wanting to use the Weavers gloves since I got them. They just look completely awesome. But I didn't have a good set of armor to use them. So I created a look. It also helps that before I created the new look I was not happy with any of the new armor sets I had gotten for her This is actually my first attempt (so feedback would be appreciated). One of the reasons I haven't really created many unique looks is I don't feel like I have enough skins to really mix and match. This one was somewhat difficult as I'm really picky about the look of my female toons. I'm not a big fan of armor that shows flesh for the sake of, and I feel that the female Medium and Light armors do that a lot. In some cases, the tops just would not work.

One of my favorites though was the Seer outfit. The tops and bottoms for it are just really awesome. The colors for it really pop too. I tried different combos with it but at the end of the day Seer coat and pants just worked well together. The color scheme took foooorrrreeevvver. I decided that since this is a Weaver I wanted a look that mixed the elements, or at least the colors used to represent them: Fire red, Water blue, Air purple, and Earth brown. One of the problems with this set was that the dark colors on this armor look extremely dark. But the light colors look too light. There seemed to be very little middle ground (though I do love the fact that the armor material affects how the dyes overlay). I worked out several different combos of reds, blues, purples, and browns. Finally, I decided to focus on brown and purple. Fire and Water were already in the gloves and so that was taken care of. The first attempt was a base purple and brown highlights. That didn't work so I flipped it. I liked the flipped look though I am still not 100% happy with the colors. Like I said, the darks are too dark and the lights are too light. Also, some of the better colors are dyes I don't yet own. Fashion Wars goals. I then finished off with the white in the final highlight slot. White represented unifying energy. I tossed in the Wraith Masque due to the way it made the eyes dark and then the irises lighter. Shenxue's eyes are actually dark red. It's one of the things that makes her look so devilish in normal outfits.

I also think that her glow being purple already helped pull some of the elements together.


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