The Original

By Dace on May 27th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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This is less about a look per se but a bit of background on my favorite toon. This is what he looked like when I originally created him. Science is one of my favorite things about life. Steampunk (though now they have a Flintlock punk that fits better) is a fun thing to play with in fantasy settings and that's what made Guild Wars 2 stand out to me. It wasn't like your basic fantasy MMO. You had science and magic working side by side. It had more than your basic elf, dwarf, hobbit, orgre fantasy type races. It had a tree race and giant cats and short ... whatevers ....

So Kexue became my first creation. He had a greenish skin tone with red highlights and a slightly darker red glow. When I returned from a long break in the game I was toying with the Make Over kits when I saw the new range of color. So Kexue became black. His glow went white to stand out more against the darkness tone and I kept the original red highlights. I changed his hair on the logic that nothing says Sylvari can't change hair styles.

So what happened? Scarlet Briar. Kexue had befriended her before she became a problem for all of Tyria. The two coresponded even while she descended into madness. When the Pact made their attack against her over Lions Arch Kexue insisted that he could talk her down, end it all without having to kill her and perhaps getting her help in undoing the damage done. He approached her unarmed and told her he was simply here to talk. She told him that there was no time to talk, that he would never understand. He calmly asked her to help him understand, help him see why she had to do what she was doing.

Scarlet Briar took him up on his offer and extended her hand for Kexue. When Kexue took her hand his mind was overwhelmed with what he saw. He was not prepared to see what she saw when she witnessed the All combined with her experiences ever since seeing it. Kexue's mind sought to make some sense of what was going on but he was paralyzed. Then he erupted in mystical flame. As Kexue burned the rest of the Pact lept into action. With the connection broken Kexue crumpled onto the floor lost in a coma. He remained that way for years (you know .... the time I was away from the game). The burns healed but the experience had left him in a new black color as if he had been burned like a log of wood in a campfire, white embers and all.

Overall I love the change to him. The black skin with the white glow really stands out in a fun way. I think overall he looks 100% better than before.

Yeah, I'm a dork :)


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