Sweevyl Chalzedon, Sylvari Holosmith

By The_Separatist on May 8th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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If someone were to ask, Sweevyl would reckon to be awakened around the year 1324 AE. He was simply called Chalzedon at this part of his life.
Shortly after arriving in the Metrica Province he got trapped by the Inquest and carried away to a secret facility in the Brisban Wildlands.
Its unclear how much time he spend in captivity and what excatly the inquest scientists did to him. Only the nickname - given to him by his wardens - stuck: Sweevyl.
The next thing he remembers is waking up near the Yahnur Plateau in south east Vabbi, his past being nothing more than a blurr after escaping the inquest laboratories.
Barely surviving the Brandstorm, he made his way to the Free City of Amnoon, where the local Holosmith Baraz Sharifi not only provided Sweevyl with shelter, but also trained him.
Once he finished becoming a Holosmith himself, Sweevyl returned to the jungle of Maguuma to shed light onto the period of his life, of which he has no recollection of.
So far his success is limited, but maybe his vivid dreams of fighting Mordremoth and confronting Lazarus could explain... something.


My goal is to create a kinda heavier armored look with a hint of engineer and not-so-stable-individual.
I'm looking for help especially with the Head Armor and skin for the Sword and Shield.
While the Holosmith's Swords look ok, I dont particularly like the futuristic look of it.

The backstory is my first attempt at creating a (partially) lore-friendly explanation of me boosting this character to Lv. 80 and playing as Holosmith through the Living World Stories. The name is a reference to Terrys Pratchett's book "A Slip of the Keyboard".


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