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By bknob on May 6th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 2
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"Wandering the savannahs and deserts of Elona, the faithful Dervish chants prayers to the earth and wind... and the fury of the sandstorm answers in response. Bolstered by the blessings of the gods, these holy warriors reap the benefits of multiple Enchantments. With a sharpened scythe, the Dervish can unleash a whirlwind of destruction." - Durmand Priory

Traveling from the land of the ice and snow to the north, all the way to the Crystal Dessert sun, where the Elon river flows, remains one of the few lasting practicing Dervishes in Tyria.

The staff skin is the Suntouched scythe staff skin from the Gemstore. No option to add it above.

Legendary not required. Honestly, anything glowy or steampunk-like will do!

Please offer any advice, criticism, or thoughts on this, as I've never posted so there's always room for improvement.

Tried to give some action shots as well as some straightforward shots.

Thanks for checking mine out!


Fashion Guru
Came here from your updated version of this outfit. I honestly think this version has a stronger Glint theme and a more balanced color scheme.

Though I can see where you'd want to improve it. Still, the glowing elements come together very nicely despite being from very different items.
2018-10-28 9:56