Draco Valaris, Ascalonian Lorekeeper

By theAlchemist on April 30th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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8 2
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Struggling to maintain the dying culture of Ascalon, Draco has spent his life safeguarding the history of his people. Resilient as the Ascalonians have been, history has been harsh. Desperately losing grasp of their home, his people remain firmly rooted in the fortress-city of Ebonhawke, the last true bastion of Ascalon and where Draco was born and raised.

It is his life's mission to preserve the history of his people, the glory and the shame. Draco knows that Tyria, despite it's catastrophic issues, will survive. And the tomes which manage to make it to that point will mould the new world. With wisdom and holy fire, Draco will shed light into the dark pages of history and preserve and protect what ought to be protected.


Trying to take screenshots with that stupid aegis animation is perhaps the most frustrating thing in the world. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the look!


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Nice look!
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Its nice :)
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