Valkyre of the Mists

By Isorahisa on April 15th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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6 8
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Greetings! It's an honor to share my very first post here :)

As a small girl, sheltered by the ever so comforting walls of Divinity's Reach, her story began,
Not knowing she would be whisked into a journey so grand.
Once a small girl with dreams so big, now a Guardian, Leader of the Pact - protector of the powerless and saviour of the damned. Adored by many and despised by some, she relentlessly pushes forward in those noble goals of hers, accompanied by great victories, as well as loss and sorrow.
Yet she attempts to shoulder it all, one day joining ranks of legends that long walked the lands of Tyria before her.

Meet my guardian Téstarossa. Constantly looking to add more wings to her wardrobe.


Fashion Guru
Oh, you started with a big style! Lovely character.
2018-04-15 17:45

Thanks ^^ Though the world of heavy armor classes is still rather new to me, being a light class main. Though my current skin selection is limited, I love working with what I have and adding more as I go :)

There may be some tweaking done, but I think for now, this is a good solid base I've come up with.
2018-04-15 18:21

I like the look but If I'm honest it looks like every other character I see running around Tyria. Nothing original.
2018-04-16 7:38

Fashion Guru
nice another valkyrie! :3 I made a Norn Mesmer as a valkyrie you should check it out also you have to try the fractals as shooting location! I think it fits the valkyrie theme rly good ;)
2018-04-16 12:21

A nice solid choice of colours goes great with the areas you have choosen to take the screens in. Lovely to see another Valkyrie in Tyria
2018-04-16 14:39

Great screen shots but the back piece feels off. The dwayna back piece would probably be more thematically fitting.
2018-04-22 13:23

Fashion Guru
I love it. I think you could try other backpack (dwayna one or maybe pvp) but it’s so good
2018-04-22 13:52

Good god what are the sliders for that beautiful face. Looks amazing
2018-05-29 21:04

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