Resplendent Spelldancer

By Britchesandhose on March 24th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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The land of Vabbi is known as a land of feckless, complacent, nobles and merchants content with living under the care of Palawa Joko's regime. While this is true for some, it's definitely not true of all. While I do love social functions and finger foods, the nobility is not to blind to the machinations of Joko. The nobility have long been preparing for rebellion, forced to operate under guise of ignorance.

Elona itself has had the key to remove Joko for quite some time. The people just needed the time to perfect it. It's woven into the songs and dances passed down from the days of old.

Every bounding approach the oppressive heat of the Crystal Desert.

Every deceptive glide the nourishing waters of the Elon.

Every sudden pivot the thunderous skies over Vehtendi.

Every sonorous stomp the earthbound fury of the Desolation.

We dance to the rhythm of Elona, and we in turn have learned to make its elements dance with us. One day this duet with the Balthazar's Forged will end. In time, it will be time for Elona's last dance with Joko himself. When that time comes, I hope to be there.

About the outfit:
It's another one of those simple "Vabbian" looks. I figured the Apostle's Cossack looks enough like jewelry and beads that it would fit in well with the Vabbian theme. Who doesn't like a chestpiece that comes with its own bling. I just wish the beads didn't look so flat.

For dyes, I revolved around the fact that the leggings have a "skirt" that uses one dye and makes a lighter and darker version of that dye. In this case I dyed the red on the chest to match the darker legging section for continuity's sake, and brighter red pretty much everywhere else. I put one section of lighter red and darker red on the headpiece to provide more continuity!


I like Your nobility look.
2018-03-29 3:11