Kerijas - Sulfuric Engineer

By Roadredfashiowar on March 22nd, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Kerijas human engineer was studying the sulfuric areas in the domain of Palawa Joko. He could not believe there were creatures that could survive the corrosive vapors of this zone, but it was a pleasant surprise to find that life adapted to sulfuric vapors of solfatars. Among all the unexpected life a particularly intelligent creature was following him at distance, trying to understand what a strange human he was. This creature is now Kerijas best friend and his mountable skimmer.


Fashion Collector
What an intriguing piece. He looks like a Dystopian trooper that is exploring the outer realms of habitable areas. Absolutely love it.

The backpack compliments the overall outfit very nicely--it doesn't insult the theme you were going after. The weaponry used here's absolutely badass, and I have never seen use these in such a cool way. Props to you, for that.

Don't let me start on that fucking mount. I LOVE IT! Got it myself and I couldn't be happier. That skin even made me like Skimmer, which is something I'd never imagine in my wildest dreams when the PoF came out. I might be biased, but whoever got Umbral Demon, deserves GOLD automatically because of his awesome taste in skins.

Anyway, I like the setup, the story provided is intriguing and everything around it is cool. So... here's the GOLD. Take it. TAKE IT AND GET OUT YOU AWESOME LOOKING DEMON RIDER!
2018-03-23 4:51

Glad you like this new look. Yeah that skimmer skin is awesome :D
2018-03-23 10:54 in reply to RASCALLON

I like last pics. At the beginning i thought he is vampire. I like the ideal of your character
2018-03-24 8:59

I play Male Human Engi myself and most my styles are on that toon.

This is the BEST style I have found. I love it, it's fantastic. Gold.
2018-03-27 7:43

Thank you! I'm glad you like the look :D
2018-03-30 12:13 in reply to Chogger