Agent Lynkrow - Behind Enemy Lines - Code Source

By Roadredfashiowar on March 18th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Agent Lynkrow is working on a secret mission asked by the commander. He has to infiltrate Inquest's Rata Primus. The objective is to study, scan and report everything about inquest technologies. He is the tactical piece to make Taimi's research improve faster. He hacked inquest drones, which he now use as his eyes inside inquest's labs and also study the Inquest Portal technology. Noone knows who he really is, but the commander knows he is the shadow agent monitoring all organizations tied with the destiny of Elder Dragons.

Agent Lynkrow studied at College of Dynamics, after graduating he worked for a brief period of time as reasearcher for the Arcane Eye. The Arcane Eye sent him to monitor the studies and activities of Scarlet Briar, before the destruction of Lion's Arch. In that period he created his own magic crystal armor.
During the destruction of Lion's Arch he encountered the commander for the first time and started to help him, with all the technologies he needed. In exchange he would have granted by the commander anonymity and endless resources for his research about Elder Dragons.
Latest improvements of Linkrow's armor(gauntlets and shoulder pads) are bloodstones crystals as catalyst for unbound magic that boost the physical abilities of the agent.
After the defeat of Balthazar he rebuild his rifle to imbue the power of the God and its shot abilities are more powerful than ever. Agent Linkrow is now studying inquest technologies, with the hope of helping the Commander stop Joko's army.


Fashion Collector
Love the screenshots! Great write up and i love the mix of armor!
2018-03-19 11:45

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it =)
2018-03-19 13:29 in reply to Keyan

Fashion Collector
you definitely have an eye for good scenery! i think your screens would look even better if you played around with the camera setting; you can get a lot of great close up looks!
2018-03-19 20:02

Thank you! I'll do my best to improve at close up screenshot :)
2018-03-20 2:24 in reply to Raha

Fashion Collector -- Okay. This picture got me.

Let me just start by saying, I fucking hate Asuras. I find them absolutely disgusting. BUT. This time... you managed to pull something that made me gasp of how awesome it is. It made me forget for a minute my hate for that race and just... you know, appreciate what someone did in terms of showing the best the race called Asuras can offer. You did it.

I am no fan of goofy shit, nor I like overly-girly outfits that are just insults to themselves and those that look at them. I like the super-edgy-stand-out style that you already got a grip of. Your screenshots are well made but as someone mentioned above, close ups would be nice (either of a weapon or your character).

Your story is intriguing too, which is a nice addition to my overall rating. You already know I'm giving you GOLD, but let me say it just once in my true tone:
2018-03-21 3:13

Thanks for the gold rating. I'm glad you enjoyed the style even though you don't like asuras. I'm working on close ups but until they're perfect as I like them, I won't post them :3 And yes super-edgy looks are the best :D
2018-03-21 3:27 in reply to RASCALLON

Probs Kindof
Wow! This looks amazing! I love this colours too, and never guessed that scarlet parts will look so great with red colours! Awesome!
2018-03-23 17:30

I'm glad you like the look =)
2018-03-24 5:01 in reply to Probs Kindof