Capricious Teenager

By Cmi90 on March 13th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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2 3
3 0
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Yet, it has been said that this bow is ridiculous...
Nowadays, children do not listen to their older.


Great traditional Norn look! Though, there is a reason that some say that bow is ridiculous; Even for a Norn, it would be heavy as heck. It doesn't look like it would bend easily either, which makes it hard to use.

From a fantasy stand-point, it looks great! From a realistic stand-point, it's unwieldy and has better alternatives. Just my opinion though. Great job! =)
2018-03-14 15:43

I agree. And it's not a bow that I can hide to take it out at the last moment.
thanks to you
2018-03-15 4:56

While I dig the armor and dye comb, the greatsword really seems out of place. A katana for a Norn?
2018-03-15 6:15

In agreement, would be nice to get a bigger sword skin but it's wonderful otherwise
2018-03-21 23:41