Elder King - Earth Mage

By silviuscr on March 3rd, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hello, everybody.

Once again, I have restyled my Elementalist, Arcanist Alhex.

This time, the theme is that of an elder king specialized in Earth magic.
I've been wanting to make an earth-themed mage for a long time, and I absolutely love the HoM staff skin that goes with the theme I was going with.

I hope you like this look. :)

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Awesome! Very nice work.
The dyes match perfectly with the Earth Element!
And your screens are top notch!
Amazing, take my GOLD!
2018-03-03 10:32

Fashion Collector
Wow, gold right there, literally. Such a unique style that instantly reminded me of Thranduil from lord of the rings. I really love it!
2018-03-03 13:20

Seconding Vetkin's comment there. Tolkien was the first thing that came to me when I saw this. Love the earthy tone!
2018-03-03 22:11

Fashion Guru
Same here! This looks pretty awesome, I love the staff. Not necessary to say what was already said. Take my gold ;-)
2018-03-04 10:23

Honestly this could be the best look I've ever seen well done! :D
2018-03-04 14:05

Awesome armor combo, great colours and screeshots god level.
2018-03-08 16:25