Ilyas, the Ultimate Weaver

By theAlchemist on February 12th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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"I am neither fire, water, air nor earth. I am all, at once. I weave them in succession, drawing pattern from chaos, beauty from entropy."

Having been raised in the Ossan District of Divinity's Reach - Ilyas was always aware of his Elonian roots. His family, as he was told, had very early on immigrated from the Kournan countryside, prosecuted for their support of the Sunspears. He grew up on stories passed down, like precious heirlooms, of the estate they once owned in the Sunward Marches, and the trials and tribulations members of his family underwent to support the Sunspears. On special nights, he was told his favourite stories - the ones which involved his ancestors smuggling the injured Sunspears after the disastrous events of the Invasion of Gadara during Varesh Ossa's reign.

Quickly after the rise of Palawa Joko and his subsequent subjugation of Kourna, Joko turned his attention to those who rallied to the Sunspear banner. Systematically, he removed them one by one and Ilyas's family, like many others, couldn't escape his grasp. After a surprise assault by the Mordant Crescent on the estate, Ilyas's family took to the the desert plains, narrowly escaping death, and made the long journey to Kryta. First they traveled west, on foot, to the coast and then smuggled onto a boat, after paying a hefty sum to the local corsair captain.

As is tradition, he was trained from a young age to master the way of the Weaver - an Elonian branch of elemental magic which harnesses the power of two elements at once. His passion and dedication to this art granted him great prestige and recognition, the latter of which had him recognized by Queen Jennah and chosen to be apart of the delegation to aid Elona in their current crisis.

Now with the way clear to the Crystal Desert and beyond - Ilyas prepares himself to embark on his greatest journey and his deepest desire: to see his homeland, and set it free from the grasp of the Undead Lich.


My second submission on this site is my main. I've been main-ing Elementalist since the original game and adore the profession. Initially being a Sylvari, I recreated him under his current look (I personally don't like Sylvari in non-cultural armor and didn't care for the look of the cultural light armors - so that's how he came to be). Although I loved the tempest - the weaver is by far my favourite specialization. I love the idea of the front-line mage, and I love the idea of a dual-attuned Ele even more.

For this look, I went for a more Kournan feel. I really like the shoulder piece on this, and the hand-piece I feel really complements the fire & ice theme going on with the weapons (I took some flak for my weapon choice, but I personally prefer flashier weapon sets haha)


Bad-ass man! Very nice screenshots. Really like the one when he levitates with the swords in the air! :D
2018-02-13 11:01

It really does look cool. The only thing that bothers me is that in the gear you picked tribal leggings, while on the pictures it shows Primitive Legwraps. The whole outfit is on point!
2018-02-16 11:07

Fashion Collector
Woah that looks really great! Gold!
2018-02-21 13:41