Mikayel, the Exiled Prince

By theAlchemist on February 4th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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21 3
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"Elona will see the light of day once more! Joko's crescent will wane, and the Sun-burst sigil will reign again!"

Mikayel has waged a personal war against the Undead Lich for crimes against his family. As a descendant of Prince Mehtu the Wise, through his daughter Princess Leifah - he is the heir to the Halls of Chokin and distant great-great nephew to the Last Sunspearmarshal, Tahlkora.

The Halls of Chokin, the seat of his family's power, was the first to fall to Joko's might . Being the closest to the Desolation, Joko struck in an attack which took the garrison by surprise. The siege also marked Joko's war in Vabbi, a fire which would eventually consume all of Elona.

Mikayel's ancestors however, refused to abandon their home and waged a guerilla war - even as the other Princedoms fell to Joko and eventually all of Vabbi. As Tahlkora waged a war of mind and spirit - others fought more physcially, targetting the Cresent where they could, saving who they could. Despite this, one by one, many of the royal family memebrs were chased to death, or worse - awakened to join the legions of Joko.

Miraculously, and many believe by the direct intervention of Lyssa herself, some survived.

Mikayel joined the ranks of the Sunspear early on in his life, inspired by the voice of his great-great aunt which pierced his sleep on a misadventure in the Yahnur Plateau. Quickly ascending the ranks of the broken organization - he yearns for a day to see Vabbi free. Till that day, he assists his countrymen how he can - defending the innocent, countering the activities of the Mordant Crescent, sending supply lines in disarray and rescuing captured Sunspear comrades.

With Tahlkora's voice echoing in his mind - Mikayel knows his dagger and axe must always answer the call of the oppressed and support the resistance. After all, the north WILL rise again.


Hello! This is my first submission. I've been lurking on this site for years being inspired. However, every time I got to shooting my look - I was never able to get the screens right. Finally, I learned and here are the results. I hope you enjoy them!


Amazing first submission.
I'm amazed. GOLD.
2018-02-04 22:11

Fashion Collector
Hey fam, what a start!

First of all, my voting is based on whether it's a first submission or if it has certain aspects I like. You made a great impression having this look as your first ever outfit on this site.

To pros, I love the colour scheme you got there going. It fits perfectly with that Gladiator-ish look. I really appreciate you didn't add more Legendaries because I feel, it would ruin the sheer simplicity. Although I'm not a big fan of the new Griffon skin, it too is remarkably glorious.
The screenshots themselves are well taken--it clearly shows you got an eye for that sort of thing.

To cons, I heavily dislike the choice of weapons. When I was clicking on "next", I was really impressed and I even thought you wore Sohothin which again, would still be a bad choice but would ultimately be better. He should use something that is similar to what his Ancestors wore and call the sword as his Fathers or something. It just ruins the immersion which you definitely got going in this particular Outfit.

Anyway, hope my rant ain't that long, here's GOLD. :)
2018-02-05 14:58

Thank you for your kind words, of both praise and criticism! haha

You're right actually, I didn't give much thought to weapons other than I really like the axe skins cause I used them on my warrior in the original game haha.
2018-02-05 18:55 in reply to RASCALLON

Thank you!!
2018-02-05 18:55 in reply to sevencat

Fashion Collector
Well designed character, the armorpieces fit perfect together. Only thing I don't like are the axes you used.
Still gold for such a great style and really sexy hunk :)
2018-02-07 15:02

This is really amazing :P gold x 2
2018-02-09 18:12

Fashion Collector
this is a really nice look for your first submission! i'm personally not a huge fan of the weapons, but i think your color scheme and screens make up for that. gold :)
2018-02-10 13:48

Excellent compositions! You know how to set up a good shot. (I have got to figure out how to get decent lighting...)
2018-02-10 21:00

Absolute fucking beast! LOVE IT! And the screenshots are amazing lad. Hope to see more of you!
2018-02-12 12:27

This is dope!
2018-02-16 11:14

Fashion Guru
One of the best looking humans I've ever seen....
2018-02-18 17:41

So shiny! I'm a sucker for shiny metal gold things haha, very awesome look. I have a question, how did you work on getting those nice screenshots? I guess what I mean is the camera seems quite finicky and I have a hard time getting in close enough so I don't have to crop and make my character look low quality.
2018-02-22 9:15

Great look and dye choices
2018-07-23 22:08

handsome face lol
2018-08-09 20:26