Rogue Seraph set

By Nadir on January 11th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Lucyan's set after he was expelled from the Seraph. This is a blend of Seraph (tier 3 human cultural) helmet, shoulders and boots with the dark templar chestpiece and gloves, and the mistward leg-guards, with a mix of dark abyss and blue shade dyes.

Lucyan has had a troubled career. A soldier, a crusader, a seraph. With every step of his life, he picked up new knowledge, new wisdom. Even now, an outcast for a crime he did not commit, he still holds a strong belief in right and wrong, and his outfit reflects this dichotomy in colour schemes and armour, with elements reminiscent of the seraph, and more jagged, darker elements translating the slow slide into the wrong side of justice.


A few more screenshots would be cool :) Also... the overall coloration is very dark and "only" two colors were used. But I for sure understand why as the armor pieces all have only max. 3 dye channels and those are mostly way too big to put in small eyecatchers. Overall I like the mix and what you want to show with it :) Atleast silver from me so far.
2018-01-12 5:35

Thanks :) the main difficulty I had creating this set was how the dyes show on different pieces, with mainly the leg-guards being especially tricky to match. But I'll keep on tinkering and posting variants for feedback!
2018-01-12 5:37