A Toxic Personality

By Moonlit on January 6th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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This is one of my mesmers, Nyxx the Noxious. The screenshots are not the best, partly due to my graphics I think and partly because he's currently parked at the ember bay JP since I do ports up there and I didn't want to move him again. ;w;"

Nyxx is set to be the biggest asura size you can be, mainly because he's meant to have an intimidating presence. Nyxx essentially is a weapon designer, who specializes in different types of toxins and poisonous weapons of all types. Whether you want to have a quick and clean execution or a long and painful torture he has you covered for anything you need or will gladly start creating a new concoction, providing you have the funds to cover it. Nyxx used to have a krewe of his own but sometimes test subjects were hard to procure, and his habit of testing things on his krewe left a number of them dead and the rest ran before they ended up as his next victim. Because of his lack of test subjects and a general fascination with his poisons and how they work, Nyxx began testing his creations on himself in small doses, the cocktail of poisons he would inject into himself leaving a lasting mark on his appearance, not that he cared. Shortly after this Nyxx ended up meeting with his new partner, a sylvari called Talesin. Talesin at first was a customer, but after seeing potential in Nyxx to make money, offered to be his partner. He would set up all the weapons deals, and acquire any supplies or materials Nyxx needed giving him even more time to work on and hone his craft. Nyxx loved the idea and now rarely leaves his lab, devoting all of his waking hours to his own form of art and trying to create newer, deadlier toxins to unleash upon the world.

(In case anyone was wondering I turned the flames from his armor green by using the Poly Luminescent Teal Refractor. His weapons are the Scientific Greatsword and Shield and the Chain-Whip Sword.)


Fashion Collector
I feel like this is one of those "player-type characters." Like the style makes sense when you're conscious that you're playing a game. And that's fine in its own right. In that sense, it looks cool.

However, as a fashion style, it feels unfocused. Dredge armor is quite dominating, but there are themes of fire, but then everything is just green. There's no solid identity to it.

Also, I just feel like using the green refractor effect actually robs the outfit of a lot of potential design subtlety. Dyes can be played with in a lot of great ways, but covering everything in a green filter weakens it noticeably.
2018-01-08 0:33

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