Twilight Keeper

By Eru Iluvatar on January 1st, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Soo back when I first crafted Twilight, I wanted to make a look that matched the red/black colour scheme and I came up with this. I gradually made small changes over time and this was the final product. Hope you guys like it =D

Any tips on improvements would be very much appreciated!


I've never really been a fan of the armor sets from the three Orders, but you are actually able to make it work here. Nice look!

Now for some critique:
Personally, I rare like to only rely on one or two colors. Might I suggest adding one different color, like charred dye? It would (to some extend) match up with your use of Twilight and Shadow Longbow.

As for location: As good the heart of the volcano in Mount Maelstrom is, I would also have liked to see images of you on top of it near lava flows.

Also new places from LW season 3 and PoF also have places with lava flowing. Just to name a few:
Draconis Mons, Siren's Landing and Desert Highlands.
These locations may help you get some variety and add the feeling that your Twilight Keeper is an adventurer and true lord of fire! :D

...I might've RP'ed a little too hard in the last sentence, I apologize. But again, nice look! :)
2018-01-01 17:24

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