Cold Death

By MakarTheGreat on December 31st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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2 0
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So basically I went for a somewhat ''normal'' grim reaper look, but I added a bunch of blue-ish stuff! I also used a Ghostly Infusion, which I cant specify in the armor tab.


That looks fantastic. I love the Foefire skins. I've got a similar dye on them with my nevermore equipped Thief. Looks great!
2018-01-02 11:45

Fashion Guru
This is what I call Angel of death. That greatsword absolutely fits to him!
2018-01-02 12:13

Fashion Guru
A lot of people try to make dark, brooding, death-incarnate outfits. I'd say yours is one of the better results. Looks good!
2018-01-03 0:45

Thank you so much for the kind comments! I'm glad you guys like it :))!
2018-01-03 11:09

Really good mix! Love it. There's a lot of reapers out there using this Mask (which makes sense) but I personally haven't seen anyone mixing it with those shoulders for example. Also the Foefire pieces look great too and fit very well! The sword of course makes aboslute sense and looks amazing!
2018-01-11 4:43