A promising Valkyrie

By Artifex on December 18th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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Sometimes, you need to follow a different path, to embrace new thoughts or defend the hope for others. When your goals change so radically, leaving back your old life, you can feel scared and return quickly to the safety of what you already know.

In my case, this didn't happen.

Everybody thought I would become another scientist, a theoretician who would stay between walls in Rata Sum, away from all danger. But one day, I travelled with my mentor to Hoelbrak, home of the Norns... where I found myself. The spirit of their culture, the strength of their souls... I felt like arriving at home after an exhausting journey, lost in the gloom for a long time.

I've lived within the mountains, crossing vast tundras, while fighting the varied enemies that menace our home and those who can't defend themselves. My companions called me "the little valkyrie", kindly treating me as one of them. Every day, I do my best for deserving this honour.

Even the creatures seemed to feel sympathy, 'cos I made a friendship with a small cub I called "Snowball". He's soooo cute!

********************************************** /-/ **********************************************

Weapons: Glacial Staff, Glacial Shield and Holosmith's Sword.

Backpack: Wild Magic Backpack.


She's so fierce, I like it!
2017-12-20 22:00

-- Comment has been removed --
2018-01-14 16:03

For all these rage voters who don't leave a proper comment about their dislikes, or those who just create alt accounts for rage voting, keep going. This attitude just makes me laugh. ^_^
2018-01-14 16:18

cant really tell what the look is all that well. I like the hair you chose. not too many asura go for that. my other comment I didnt know how to edit. i didnt even realize it only said . so i delete and make comment. better for you now laughy man?
2018-01-15 8:02

Yes, indeed. I can get it's not easy to understand a concept, but it's better to know "why" this happens instead of getting a vote without reasons.

I'll add something, thanks to this comment: I don't like the vote system 'cos you don't know who is giving you what medal, and I would request or suggest a change in the system, attaching the medal to the post -forced to write for voting- and remove the option to delete a post. This would avoid all these fake accounts that upvote or downvote for the fun of trolling or helping friends -something ridiculous in my opinion.

Thanks again for the feedback, Sushimug.
2018-01-16 14:37 in reply to sushimug