Matriarch of the Bane

By Sam Soulfang on December 10th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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"The cheers... The roar of the crowd. I can feel their thirst for blood... It harmonizes well with my own desires. I live for this... I live for the fight, I live for the adrenaline... I live for the Bane." ~ Sam Soulfang

Sam Soulfang, dubbed "Matriarch of the Bane", is a common fighter seen in the Bane arena of the Black Citadel. Her thirst for blood is easily concealed by her elegant, yet feral appearance. Once a member of the Ash Legion, she lost it all when her warband had been blown to smithereens when they were scouting Flame Legion territory. Their cover had been blown by the fierce warcries of a Blood Legion warband, unaware that their allies were currently performing reconnaissance duties. Sam survived with just the clothes on her back and a shattered greatsword in her hand. With her warband gone, she was forced into the life of a gladium. Unwilling to stay in Ascalon, she moved from place to place, doing any job she could to get by. But then the High Legions lost all knowledge of her... It's as if she simply vanished. Even the Ash Legion files went missing... It took years for her to resurface. When she did, nobody saw her as Sam Soulfang. They saw her as a wild, fierce beast out for blood, as they witnessed her brutality in the Bane. Rumors say she had gone mad after going to Orr, to see for herself the legacy of the human gods. She doesn't spend her life in the Bane totally, however. She patrols Ascalon in the night, keeping watch over the innocent. Any that see her during her nightly rounds either never live to tell the tale, or are bribed by the Ash Legion for their silence.

Will you don the Matriarch's apparel, Charr? Follow in her footsteps if you think yourself to be worthy.

Congratulations for reading this far! I'm clearly new to this... Sorry if it isn't as high-quality as everyone expects! I was going for a sort of gladiator look for this one. I really thought that if a charr could dominate the Bane, wouldn't they look and be a bit badass? I'm open to constructive criticism, since I still have no idea what I'm doing.


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