The Ranger from Cantha

By Julliant on November 11th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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15 5
1 0
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Though it would be amazing to be able to visit Cantha in Guild Wars 2 someday, being of Chinese ethnicity myself, I like the idea of a story of finding a new purpose and a new sense of belonging after being isolated from one's homeland.

This is my Ranger of Canthan descent, finding his place in Tyria.


Fashion Guru
I am a sucker for Canthan looks, so please take that into account!
Love the armour mix and dyes. I was worried the red was overly bright but I think your character pulls it off well. The combination of the shoulders and jerkin to create that high neckline is great! However, I'm not convinced by the weapons except for the greatsword. (the warhorn and bow particularly don't mesh well imo.)
Screenshots and presentation is wonderful, particularly for a first upload.(also you can just leave the head option blank as you don't use the carapace mask in the screens)
Gold overall from me :)
2017-11-11 16:50

What Mihrean said. Perhaps you could try Crimson Lion weapons. Though expensive, I think they'll rotate back in around Lunar New Year and their TP price will also drop as a result.
2017-11-11 17:56

Fashion Guru
Holly molly. This is a first this a first post? Are you...what? XD ok you came to slay and you did right! I love how lore friendly this is aesthetically and thematically. And well at the same time the way you customized your character makes him look straight out of another game! Love it over all, scrsh's on point and the dye pallete is great and very canthan! ;) crimson lion weapons would indeed work perfectly on the look, but your choices are on point too! Gold!! Keep posting i am following you!
2017-11-12 6:52

Fashion Collector
I would think the armor was the same set. I really like this look! GOLD!
2017-11-12 14:19

Hey Mihrean, thank you for the kind words and feedback.

You're right that some of the weapons don't quite fit. I wanted a bow with the feather motifs so there aren't many choices. I swapped out Dwayna's longbow to a Ceremonial bow, as it very simple and elegant while also have those red tassels commonly associated with East Asian weaponry.

I'll have to save up for Crimson Lion Warhorn, but my initial plan is that I don't need everything to follow the theme as in my head my character will pick up various weapons during his journey, though that sounds like a cheap excuse (heh).

It took me a while to figure out I had to click each armour slot to specify it, that's why I added a generic helmet at first.

Thanks again for the advice, I might update this sometime this week.
2017-11-12 23:21 in reply to Mihrean

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions everyone, and yea this is my first post but I've been lurking here without an account for a while.

I started playing around with the wardrobe on a whim and really surprised myself so I decided to share.

2017-11-12 23:56

Super nice!
Dyes, armor mix!
That's super!
2017-12-21 11:46

Fashion Collector
It's a rare thing to begin your "career" as fashionista on GW2Style with a look such as this one. This is something I dig about this game. As much as everyone hate visual clutter (which I dislike a lot) there always is someone with a look so minimalistic, yet more bright.

You absolutely killed it! I'm a huge fan of that Guild chest and you managed to make it look regal AF. I don't really know what to say, you OUTdid yourself by a great mile, and if you manage to keep this quality across all your submitted looks, oh boi, even if you are not regular, you will be drawn in by the LOVE of everyone towards your creations!

2018-05-14 10:07

Thanks Rascallon, that's a lot more praise than I think I deserve hah.
I'll try to keep posting though I think most of my characters aren't particular original.
2018-05-15 12:38 in reply to RASCALLON