Purple Occultist

By Purplecoyote on November 1st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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Plants, graveyards, candles, and spell books!
A purple Sylvari that is up to something wicked!

I wanted to create a "mean" looking Sylvari without going the Nightmare way, with the added element of creating a Guardian class character that wasn't "holy" but occult, and during Halloween I had the perfect opportunity to do so!

Reading her spell books by candle light by day, and being a terror on the battlefield by night, this spooky sylvari is sure to send shivers down your spine.
(ps: that's the Haunted Axe)


What an amazing heavy armour look for a sylvari! I love the grey and purple shades of her skin and hair, and the combination tough and spooky look she has!

I love her~! ?
2017-11-03 13:34

Thank you so much, you're too kind! ?
2017-11-03 18:18 in reply to Lightverse