(Homecoming) Akasha of the Sands

By windrell on October 26th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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At long last, the wandering child returns home.

It was a place she'd only heard in stories, being born to a life of a nomad. She fought the battles of other people in many a foreign land, against dragons of death and mind, but never was there a moment when she stopped thinking of Elonia.

And yet... when the day arrived, she was welcomed by a bitter sight: her home under siege, by enemies new and old. Fire and death rule the sands, and the people could only submit or perish. Strife had reached even this remote corner of the world.

There was only one course of action. She picks up the staff once again.

Once more into the breach. And for the first time, she was fighting for something she can truly call her own.


Hello! Been a while since I've been here, and now back because of the recent expansion.

This is part 2 of my asian/arabic character, and thank the devs they picked Elonia as the place for it. The armor just looks so natural, so I tried to tinker around with it.

P.S. Taking screenshots in Elonia is hard. LOL

P.P.S. Had WAY too much fun taking screenies, sorry!


Luna Nightshade
nice Nomad outfit. Silver
2017-10-27 6:59

Elessar Taralom
I´ve seen this coat now quite some time, but I am still not tired of it!
Styles with it just look so good; you added some nice different armour sets, the dyes are great and I like the overall upload, gold from me ^^
2017-10-28 13:59

-- Comment has been removed --
2017-10-30 8:20

Yeah, feels like I'm cheating a little bit with this armor, coz the base design is so good. Atm I'm coming up with more colorful styles, but I'm just a fan of earthier, realistic colors.
2017-10-30 8:20