Halloween Husk

By jesandsteven on October 22nd, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
15 1
1 0
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Hi all o/
So this is my first look for the Halloween season. My inspiration was the mini Husk-O-Lantern. So I decided to go with a husk/scarecrow type theme. With the use of the back, I went with the flame elements. To help break up the Lunatic armor set I added the Bounty Hunters top as I though it was a nice blended match. As always with my Sylvari I like to add a bit of cultural armor to compliment my looks. I of course used the excuse of the flame elements of the staff, to bring in more of the Halloween theme.
I wanted to go with a muted earth tone palate to mimic that of the mini Husk. The orange dye choice for the face is suppose to mimic that of a jack-o-lantern.
I hope that some of you may enjoy her.

Staff: Gargoyle
Back: Mad Memories: Complete Edition


Fashion Guru
So cute! (my opinion on cute is skewed I'll admit!) I love all the screens of her in the field and the way she is dyed to the actual scarecrow in game. The fire attunement and mini husk perfect it. Gold :)
2017-10-22 8:22

Fashion Guru
Beautiful! Gold!
2017-10-22 8:56

It looks amazing!
2017-10-22 17:37

Fashion Guru
Best halloween costume on gw2 ever! And guess what makes it even better? Irra not a "costume" I am so glad they fi ally are introducing some new armors other than the big expansion ones. And well you made the best out of this new set. I am completely in love with the theme here, its so fitting for a sylvari overall and with the current time of the year! That's a well deserved gold everything is beyond great!
2017-10-23 8:28

Great use of the new skins. =)
You chose great places for your screenshots! Very eye catching.
2017-10-23 12:51

Fashion Guru
thanks for the great comments all!
2017-10-24 2:36

I love the location in the screenshots, and the dyes are fantastic! The armor seems from the same set. I can't say anything bad from this look. Gold!!
2017-11-05 14:52

Ariel Charming
this is definatley one of my favourate Halloween themed looks now, definatley!
2018-08-01 9:14

Fashion Guru
this is a fantastic idea. Great job, well done!
2018-12-31 19:29