Twilight - Guardian

By Rosanna Cevez on July 24th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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2 2
9 6
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Just managed level 80 ... I like the look of the Twilight-Weapons
Made some improvenments based on the advice of Khyrps ... still going on :-)


Wat. Looks like a black graphics bug xD Sorry.
2014-07-25 7:37

You should put lighter dyes or some accents in there, that one can make out the linings of your armor. Maybe try to put in some armor pieces with glowing parts.
2014-07-25 7:38

Your skin color is black and you use a lot of midnight fire, which makes distinguishing armor from your skin hard. The details in your character don't read well (really apparent when looking at picture thumbnails).

Try using braver colours in places that cover a lot of area. If you want to stick with purple, think about adding some accent colors or instead using the purple as an accent. I'd go wild with those pants, they're going to attract attention anyway.
Example purple color schemes could be: purple with small yellow highlights. Purple, red and blue in neat balance. And maybe purple with small orange/yellow and green highlights or something.

Some dyes that could fit nightmare weapons: Midnight Fuchsia – [&AgFIUAAA], Wine – [&AgFAUAAA], Evening Wine – [&AgGKUAAA], Lipstick – [&AgEKUAAA], Fuchsia – [&AgE6UAAA]
2014-07-25 16:08

More accents, so you can show your armor more.
2014-08-08 10:00