Desert Salad

By ristiturpa on October 15th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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3 1
1 0
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I made this deadeye salad boy almost immediately after the expansion, and first planned on making a more brownish armor, but it didn't really fit so I just slapped this together and ended up being happy with it.
Also apparently the site doesn't have Foefire boots yet.

Back Item: White Mantle Scroll

Weapons: Bloodstone Rifle, Tear of Grenth


Fashion Guru
Desert badass salad! He looks badass! Gold!
2017-10-15 14:29

Aw man, thank you!
2017-10-15 15:02 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

Fashion Guru
For a first post on this site I'm very impressed! Your screens are interesting (the one with the scroll framed by sunlight is stunning). Not convinced by the infusion but I like how your character looks at night with sylvari glow and how you pay attention to small details such as matching that with your jackal. Gold from me (though I would prefer even more screens) and looking forward to seeing more looks form you!
2017-10-18 9:04

Thank you so much! I agree, I wanted to make more screenshots but posting the look on the site was a spontaneous idea, so I was left with the ones I had already, and tried to take a few more in different settings. :D
2017-10-22 22:30 in reply to Mihrean