Messiah of the Desert

By hellsqueen on October 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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She was born from a flower in the Bay of Elon, with no understanding of why she had come to be. She emerged from her flower as it drifted to shore, as she gently pressed her foot in the sand and said good graces to those who lived in that land. A young boy of merely seven years old, amazed by her form of transportation as all seemed to be, had no fear in stopping the strange woman.

"Hello lady from the flower, how did you sail across the sea in a flower?" he asked.
"Why hello there young dear. I don't believe I sailed on a flower, I don't believe I have been alive for very long at all." She said with a confused tone.
"But your older than me!" The young boy said with such an assured voice.
"Well that I do not know, but I feel in my heart that something is hurting the desert. Can you point me in the direction of someone who knows and can help me in protecting your home?" The determination and hurt in her glowing eyes could be seen by all eavesdropping nearby.
"That is enough Bekir, what have I told you about talking to strangers!" the boys mother said trying to take him away.
"But mother, the strange lady wants to save us all." he looked at his mother, with hope in his eyes.
"The Temple of Kormir might have answers for you. It is toward the east." the child's mother said as she dragged him away.

She traveled far until she reached the Temple where she helped the refugees and the Temple gave her answers. The protector of the desert, but not the hero they told her. She was to keep as much of the desert and its inhabitants unscathed as she could. With love in her heart, she set out on her way to fight off the enemies that would have it destroyed in any way. She helped the Elonian's protect what they could or make sure they could make it to places that still stood.

Although the desert made her weary and exhausted, the spirit inside her is what kept her fighting. The last secret gift that Kormir provided with the blessing of Dwayna beside her, was life from a grain of sand and drop of water to protect those who could not protect themselves until someone stronger could do what had to be done.


Story is a bit shorter than the usual, but this story is more outfit inspired than character.

I haven't posted in a while but with all the new skins that were coming with Path of Fire that I was waiting to use my transmogs on, I decided waiting a while was a good decision.

I know the red hair is a hit or a miss with people but considering all my characters are designed with my red hair in mind (aside from one of them), I am not going to spend money I don't have buying a hair kit every time I make an outfit.

ALSO NOTE THAT IN MY NEUTRAL PICTURE THE GOLD ON THE SHIRT SHOWS UP THE WRONG SHADE BUT IN GAME ITS THE SAME! I think the new effect on the home screen is messing with it because every time I see it I am like "whut?" and I log in and look at her and it's fine and I am like "uh wtf ok"

As usual, feedback is always appreciated though.


Looks great :)
2017-10-12 10:59

Fashion Collector
great and unique story, nothing too overkill on the looks and fitting colors. Also I really love red hair :>
2017-10-12 17:16

Aww thanks so much! :)
2017-10-13 6:33

As usual, I love what you have done!

Your stories are always a joy to read, even if this one was smaller than your usual.

You only use one of the new skins and you use it without it being overkill and use it outside of the way it would be used in the sense of the culture of the Elonians which is also nice.

The armor goes well together and the color scheme is soft. The softness allows it to mesh well with the red hair, but in general your color palettes always seems to be reflect well on the red hair.

Your screens are fabulous and really show the potential of the mirage axe skills, they make the class look fun and beautiful. I love that you make the illusions blend well a few time in the screens, particularly the main screen.

Gold from me.
2017-10-13 11:26

Thanks so much! You are too sweet all the time.
2017-10-13 11:46