Primeval Awakening

By Boa-Noah on October 5th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Whenever my Charr explores new lands and new regions her look always changes and adapts, with the release of Path of Fire and the introduction of Awakened and Mordant enemies I've decided to go with that look. I've always prefered the villains and the tarry golden bone aesthetic of the Awakened tickles my fancy perfectly, same for the Awakened weapons and the Primeval set [despite it's terrible dye paths] is just lovely.

So that out of the way a little bit of story for some of the choices I've made in armor pieces and the look as a whole, I should preface this by saying I NEVER use more than a single piece from a set when I can.

For the eyes and face I wanted to go for an inky black or a tarry smear look, as if her eyes were plucked from her head and replaced with globs of darkness. So I used a kit to make her eyes pitch black and the ornaments on her hair into gold, this coupled with the Mask of the Silent really does the job in my opinion.

Shoulders is simple, namely I love feathers but the limited options made it harder, I could've gone with the Trickster's shoulders but I decided on the Bounty Hunter so it could be more 'crafted' feeling. The chitanous segments were made black to fit the tar and to appear bug-like, as if the pieces were pried off a beetle, namely a scarab since IRL they have black shell.

The rest speaks for itself mostly, the chest is Spearmarshal for more detail on the neck cuff, otherwise I would've just gone for the Elonian chest. The Funerary leggings are the best for the feathery/fleshy trails at the bottom, the issue is the dye channels, it really REALLY kills how many looks it can fit into. For whatever reason ANet decided the metal elements, gemstones, and the dress-segments should all share a single dye slot while giving the belt it's own singular slot, in addition the central gem is linked to the trailers. It's infuriating, the dress should be tied to the belt, the metal should be on it's own, and the side gems linked to the trailers, at least then it could be more useful for various looks.

The gloves and the pegleg are holdovers, the pegleg in particular has now been tied to her character so whatever new looks she gains will likely keep the peg as well. The gloves however, match the leather elements of the peg and the stone [with the right dye] matches the bone of the Mordant/Awakened weapons, it's great.

The Funerary focus matches the gold hues, the black matches as well, and quite frankly the purplish glow mixes AMAZINGLY with the ley-glow of the gloves.

I would have an RP-ish story segment here but really I'm having a hard time with it, maybe with the upcoming LS story segments I can finally find a tie-in. Heck maybe we'll get some new armor skins that I can use and really polish the overall design of her look, if it happens I'll make a new look.~

Thank you for your time.~

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Fashion Collector
Ah this is awesome! Don't play charr myself but this would be a look I'd try to recreate if I had one! Gold from me.
2017-10-07 15:39

Fashion Guru
What an interesting armor combo! I am impressed by Mask of the Silent - first time I see it. Awesome character :)
2018-05-13 11:09