Victorian Steampunk Engineer

By Chogger on September 25th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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2 4
1 0
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Not only is Chogger an Engineer, Holosmith and Scrapper, he is also very unique and brazen character who naturally sports the look of a Victorian Steampunk. How? Keep reading...

In Tyria, it is believed that this particular type of fasion originated when the first Krytan Human's began travelling to The Black Citedal to study Engineering. Because of the long lasting conflict between the Human and the Charr, a now fragile peace treaty, Human's of all profession found themselve's uncomfortable when studying in the Black Citedal.

The tools and equipment necessary to study the arts of Engineering would come at double or even triple price to Human's, which was fine if you were among the noble Krytan's and could afford it, however unfortunately Chogger wasn't. The solution? Scavenging and then salvaging scrap metal from whatever piece of broken or discarded machinary you could get your hands on! It was either that, or choose another profession and that simply wasn't an option for Chogger.

So Human Engineer's were forced to create their own weapon's and they also forged their own armour which usually consisted of some ancient, hand-me-down clothes with a form of mechanism or invention attached to it; thus creating what you see here today. A Victorian-looking Steampunk Engineer!

P. S - Thank you for taking a look at my character that I have put so much work into. Please rate and leave a comment!

I hope it goes without saying that my story about how steampunk Engineers came about isn't Canon and just something from the top of my head!

Also, if you'd like some help or ideas creating your own in-game Steampunk look, please feel free to message me, I'd love to help out! Add Nybor.9687.


Nice looking engi you got there! Gold for the steam gentleman!
2017-09-27 6:49

Thank you! Although the Gold vote doesn't seem to of registered... I only received bronze?
2017-09-27 14:02

Fashion Guru
I think the concept is very nice. The originality is above average with not so much novelty in armor combination, but dyes and character design are well put together. My other critique would be your overuse of photoshop effects and filters for your screenshots: too much soft focus and vignette, uneven collage of unnatural warmth and saturation. It detracts the details and colors of your outfit for an accurate evaluation. I give your look gold as an encouragement as I quite like the first (and only) screen and see potential in your aesthetic sense for the future looks.
2017-10-01 12:05