Hunter for Hire

By Thavie on September 25th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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SPOILERS (PoF maps, secret mount (though it's not so secret anymore because people are using it everywhere), new armour and weapons and so on, just in case you don't want to see anything new yet)

“Feather to fire, fire to blood
Blood to bone, bone to marrow
Marrow to ashes, ashes to snow”
-- Gregory Colbert

Dear Roxy,
what the actual hell is wrong with me, I would never call you "dear"! Huh! It's just this constant desert heat, I swear, I'm not losing my mind here! Okay, maybe just little. So, sis, how's your doing? The best thing in letters is that you don't have to wait for an answer to start complaining abot your own life. Oh, wait, I think I already started... That last cup of spiced coffee was probably too much for me.
As you can see (or rather read!) I'm alright. More or less. "More" goes to my new best friend! Guess who's that? Nah, don't even try, you won't guess it ever in your life - IT'S A GRIFFON! I called him Gyarmath and he actually lets me ride on him! I can fly, sis, for real! It's the best thing that happened to me so far. That's good news. Bad though... Why would we even talk about bad news, right? We'll manage, as we always do.
I found a nice place for both of us, so come and join me in Amnoon. I'll be waiting for ya! There is a whole lot of stuff to do: bounty boards are full of requests each bloody day, can you believe that?! We'll be rich (if not dead) soon, sister!

Don't make me wait for you for too long, I'm getting tired of resting on pillows. These pillows are everywhere, I feel like a cat or something... Oh, and also I have a dog now! Not a DOG dog, it's a prairie dog, but it's cute. Have no idea what is in its mind if it has any...

See you soon (or so I hope)!

So, hello again! I gathered this look is not very original idea, but I absolutely love it. I always liked simple looks and this is exactly what I wanted for desert adventuring. My character is still a monster hunter and now she actually has a job in there, ha ha! Let's hope she'll manage to not get killed in action.

WHat I used here: these gorgeous rags are Elonian, boots are also Elonian and legs are from Spearmarshal set. Everything else is old. I also picked new Soulbeast dagger, the first one. The mini is prairie dog (you can even see it in one of the screenshots) and my favourite mount is obviously Griffon. The colours weren't intended to fit the mount, but I think they work pretty great together in the end. I really love this dusty feel of the outfit (or it's just me?..). This time I didn't use Photoshop because I already use GW2 Hook instead and as always the screenshot from the main screen is snow clean - no graphic enhancement, just GW2 as it is.

Sorry for any mistakes and misspells, I'm not very good in English and very, very careless :)

Good luck in the desert, folks! And good bounty hunting ;)


Fashion Guru
First thought: oooh you have the griffon unlocked, you lucky thing!!!
Like your choice of colours, and the way the scarf blends in with the rest of the fabric. Also I like the simple weapons and choice of backpiece. Story is hilarious :3 Gold.
2017-09-26 7:29

Thanks! ^^ I was hunting the griffon for whole weekend like crazy, was totally worth it, such a gorgeous beast!
2017-09-26 7:40 in reply to Mihrean

i love this look its rly lorefriendly.
2017-09-26 11:43

Thank you! It was one of my goals, yes :)
2017-09-26 11:57 in reply to Whoozle

Really awesome look, wondering though how did you dye the elonian/spearmarshal parts of the armor.
2017-09-27 5:04

Thanks! Sadly it doesn't show my choices if there are no skins added to the database :( I used Latte, Remembrance and Midnight Bronze for the chest, Taupe and Midnight Bronze for the legs and Charred + Chocolate for the boots.
2017-09-27 5:43 in reply to theN0se

What's the backpiece?
2017-12-15 11:56

Mercenary Backpack.
2017-12-24 12:03 in reply to Corli

Fashion Guru
I like your way of writing the story. The pictures are nice. Especially the head picture. Gold
2018-12-18 18:35

Thank you! ^^
2018-12-21 12:56 in reply to ieva

Fashion Guru
You're very creative. You can display your character beautifully and write a wonderful story about it.
2018-12-31 20:08