By guttergrave on September 20th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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A young Sylvari, born amidst rot and decay. His sickening appearance frightens and disgusts those who get too close...

Years ago, he was born beside a rotted pod similar to his. Stranded, alone and vulnerable, he waited until the other joined him in the waking world. Were they abandoned, perhaps? There were no wardens, no one to greet them and usher them into civilization. When his brother was born, the two wicked Sylvari stuck close to one another and, together, brought death in their wake.

It was until then, one fateful day, Locust felt something he had never felt before: love, and it was similar to the feeling he would get when he could tear and rot fresh flesh with his bare hands and dark magic. He fell hard for a beautiful, wise Sylvari woman.... but he wasn't the only one. He wanted her, for himself, and would do anything to have her.

His brother suffered from a sickening fall, ruining his physical health and knocking his memories of everything they had done together. Locust watched, a diseased anger wrought in his belly, as his brother was welcomed into the arms of this woman who had healed him of his ailments. He betrayed him! He was the one who wanted her! His disconnected heart had turned him stupid! Locust vowed revenge upon them both.

He spread disease to their gardens, years later, and to their children.

One of my RP sylvari characters, the reaper Locust. He made the ultimate sacrifice down his storyline and became a "gray" character. Maybe he will find his redemption, someday :) it will be another story to tell.

tl;dr: rotten artichoke man angry angry because he can't take five fucking minutes to sit down and think "wow, maybe spreading disease is a BAD thing and torturing people is probably not good either."

I used gemfx in game. beautiful program and would highly recommend for pretty screens.

the sword is Plasma Sword


I like this much better without the hood. Armor combo is a bit unoriginal, stereotypical emo, but meshes well with his face and hair.
2017-09-21 1:31

I can see why you say that, I like darker characters and darker colors, I love trying to create evil-ish looking characters, even if they look edgy : ) I had the grenth hood on for awhile, but I decided to go with the reaper hood. love me some no-faced toons
2017-09-21 1:45 in reply to KestrelGirl