Imperial Canthan Scout

By Curious Samoyed on September 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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A young Canthan Scout wanders across the Tyrian mainland, who she is and how she got to mainland Tyria remains a shrouded mystery. Some think she washed ashore, others think she sailed here to seek help, few think she came here to scout for a larger force but many think she is searching for something lost or missing to her. Regardless, most keep their distance, not sure what someone so fresh-faced out of Cantha will do, after all, Cantha has become an isolationist nation, cutting it's ties from mainland Tyria, leaving people to only speculate on the political status of Cantha. She wanders the lands with her Canthan wolf and tiger in tow, defeating foes with an arsenal or ranged and melee weapons, bombarding them with hails of arrows and mauling them with the force of ferocious animals.


Hiya guys! Here with a new look, a Canthan inspired ranger! My ranger is my oldest toon ( nearly 5 years) and has a Japanese name, for the longest time she was white and very Western looking, so I decided to give her a make-over to make her look more Canthan/Asian like she should of been. This look took me a while to do as I had to find a pair of gloves that I could easily and cheaply get to match the look.
I went with the sneakthief's shoes over assassins as I felt a canthan scout would have some sort of ninja type vibes and the shuriken on the shoes can be seen as extra weapons she uses. I know the gloves aren't the best, but they were the only good ones I could find to really match the look, as most of the good ones are gem stores ones or not that easy to get. I don't have Belinda's sword to use for it, so I when for Khrysoar, the Golden sword. Note: some of the screens like the character select ones are using an older pair of gloves I was using ( Kodan) and slightly different dyes. The backpiece is the Golden Zephyr backpiece, it's not in the database yet heh.


Fashion Collector
Really nice fancy filters and effects on your sceenshots. Good themed look. =D
2017-09-12 13:13

Curious Samoyed
Thanks! The fancy filters/effects are from my own personal reshade presets OwO.
2017-09-12 22:58 in reply to dellyz

Love it!
2017-10-03 3:56