Scientific themed Engineer

By BlackPaperMoon on September 11th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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So here is my main char, my engineer Felix, which I planned to upload for some time but was too lazy to make proper screenshots with him. It took me the whole day, but now I'm happy with the results :)
I really liked the look of the scientific weapons, especially as an engi-lover, and with the (back than) new gloves from the story it fitted perfectly as if he reached into the wrong tank of chemicals and is now stuck with green stuff on his hands. I also really liked the wings and it all fits so nicely together with the bladed armor chest that has this kinda feathery look to it.
The only scientific skin I own is the rifle, and I'd like to have him wear the others too, but they are just too expensive only to get nice pictures.
All in all, I love how he has turned out and I hope with PoF I can finally play him as a holosmith, the specialisation engis deserve.


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I was pleasantly surprised with how well done this is. I've seen a lot of engineers on here, but this one is truly unique.

While there are recognizable patterns from other engineer tropes, this has its own defined form. The gloves and shoulders complimenting the rifle are wonderful, and the wings-- they shouldn't work, but they do. Pairing the feathered theme with the bladed armor is quite clever.

Oh yeah, your screenshots rock, too.

Altogether, this is a real gem in my book, being classic and simultaneously something all its own, pairing earthy colors with something vibrant to make it stand out.
2017-09-12 17:31