GW1 Shining Blade Heritage

By dellyz on September 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Here is my attempt at a shining blade from GW2. I always liked the concept art of shining blade from GW1. This is directly inspired from concept art.

Name: Unknown - Codename: "The Blade"
Affilation: Shining Blade
Home: Divinity's Reach
Background: "Heritage" Shining Blade Agent, Special Bloodline, Only known fact: Male with green eyes.

Bio: Not much is known about The Blade and very few members of the Shining Blade know of his existence and duty. Only a select few, such as Queen Jennah, know of his duty. He is often is sent on solo missions under the advisory of Countess Anise. He does not make himself known and whenever he would enter the Queen's Chamber he is cloaked with a disguise by Countess Anise. He was gifted a special Shining Blade (Skin: Save the Queen) and is his signature weapon of choice. Unlike the current members of the shining blade colors (Blue tone), he outfitted with dark green colored armor resembling the garbs of the shining blade generations ago.

One true oddity of The Blade is his unusual relationship with Queen Jennah. Many people either respect or despise her. The Blade is often arguing with Queen over details of his mission. He is often sent on unusual missions and sometimes questions whether or not to proceed with the mission. Although he often questions the Queen's missions, he will always complete them in the end. His innate loyalty to the Shining Blade is endless and therefore is highly trusted...even with all the bickering.

Note: Decided to do a Human for a change. I made him because I recently finished crafting the shining blade and felt a surge of inspiration! Although I didn't display a shining blade, I used Save the Queen instead because of the less visual noise.

I might use brighter greens in the future. Each armor pieces dyes in a weird color. The colors really shine when under orange terrain. Huge Sheen during the day. Black during the night. Perfect when under Orange least for me.


Darenfil At SoS
Shining Blade or not........ I love this outfit! Idk if its just me but I love assassin type shit and this stuff is awesome! Even your dyes and weapons are on point. I also love what u did with the quiver. GOLD FROM ME!
2017-09-06 10:56

Very simple, and reminiscent of Assassin types. Great screenshots as well.
2017-09-07 0:32

Fashion Collector
Thanks! Spent a lot of gold on dyes and It paid off in the end for fashion wars.
2017-09-15 1:59 in reply to Darenfil At SoS

Fashion Guru
Solid emulation of the old Shining Blade's style. It looks great!

Gold from me~
2017-09-17 16:53