Light in the darkness in search of peace

By Enultium on September 1st, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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The tales of sacrifice made by the Ebon Vanguard were passed down from generation to generation since the founding of Ebonhawke, lest any forget the price and fragility of peace. Growing up Amaryllis would learn of the sacrifices made by the Ebon Vanguard at the Eye of the North in the Northern Shiverpeaks. Such tales scared her at a young age but with time she grew to accept that those sacrifices were made in pursuit of peace. Studying to become a mesmer, Amaryllis finally managed to open a portal for the very first time. To her surprise a golden crown emerged from the portal and four distant voices each uttered a single word. Eye. of. the. North. Frightened by the events that just occurred the portal immediately closed and the crown dropped to the floor.

Years of practicing mesmer magic and honing her knowledge of the world, Amaryllis recalled the four words that came with the crown Eye of the North. The northern stronghold of humanity held by the Ebon vanguard, mustering her courage she gathered the crown and her twin blades of light to make the journey to the hall of heroes.

The grueling journey behind her and the gates of the Eye of the North in front of her. Amaryllis walked past the ghosts of Ebon Vanguard specters still protecting it. Venturing into the Hall of Monuments and placing the crown upon her head she knelt near the Scrying pool. Moments pass and when Amaryllis started to rise four spirit orbs emerged from the pool and the same four voices spoke from them.

We have watched you for years all the hopes and challenges that you have gone through. The world once again need heroes to protect this fragile peace. We have seen the same fire for peace that dwells within you that every Ebon Vanguard possessed. The journey that you've taken to reach this point was long and arduous. The reality is it will continue to be so, such is the price for peace as you already know. To ensure this fragile peace is kept you must continue to grow and we have deemed it necessary to accompany you on this journey to aid you through it.

At first the four spirit orbs would constantly be in Amaryllis mind tutoring her on the nuances on the various specializations of being a hero. With time she became accustomed to the four and would be wary when all four voices were silent.


Aurora and Luminous Saber are also included


Bianca Zauberkind
The style looks so inconspicuous at the first sight and in the opening screen! But the story and the screens are amazing D:! Especially how you've included Aurora into it. I'm in love with the first screen at the bottom row, that one is just perfect *__*.

Here, take my gold vote >.
2017-09-03 20:55

Thank you for the kind words. The latter screenshot is one of the flashier ones and I was contemplating using it as the main image but I decided against it as it would spoil the story. I also decided on using the current image to tease of what to expect for the look. Also the cherry blossom background was too serene and peaceful with the contrast of Jormag's influence so nearby which I found to be a perfect representation of the fragility of peace.
2017-09-04 18:42 in reply to Bianca Zauberkind