My duty is not to fight

By Blackkarmy on August 30th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Just something I wanted to share, not aiming for any good votes.

I kind of wanted to make an engineer look that fits both, jungle and wastelands theme so I made a fully covered, yet lightly armored style. It helps in both, traversing jungle terrain and having to go through any kind of terrain. No big armor parts that could get stuck anywhere (except maybe the scarf, but it serves neck protection somewhat).

The gloves are the downpoint of this look, however I like me a little flashy and I like the effects on the gloves, so no full hand protection but rather some wraps around it. That's a personal thing but even I would downvote those gloves as they don't stick to the theme. (why am I criticizing my own look already)

The backpiece can be replaced by many of the crafting proficiency ones, like leatherworking, huntsman or chef. Guild backpack and scribing are okay-ish too, but they didn't fit the look.


Raised by common townsfolk her life was never anything special. An ordinary family, a normal job and plans to get married soon.
Then her future husband was called to arms - into the maguuma jungle.
As soldier of a special pact squad which was later reported to be missing in action.
News got to her and she knew it was time to act. She reported for duty with whatever she could afford - a simple set of scout armor and a bag filled with all kinds of tools.
Her previous jobs have given her experience in tinkering, cooking and medicine.
If she were to find him, she knew how to patch him back up and get him back home.

But that's where the problem lies - finding him.


Thanks for checking out this look, as said it is not supposed to be any special or unique, just a simple and subtle look I wanted on my engineer, as my last few looks (that I didn't upload) that I made were all shiny and glowy.

Screenshots are all taken in the Spirit Vale starting area.


FANTASTIC ENTRY. You not only put together a very likable armor and dye combination, but you showcased it very well with your screenshots and description. Folks, THIS is what an overall GOLD submission looks like!!! It's not just about the armor pieces, or the dye applied, it's the PRESENTATION that wins!!! You have the armor expertly displayed in various poses, from multiple angles, it's all good man! And your description leave NOTHING to be desired - it's excellent!

Armor: GOLD! Presentation: ALSO GOLD! Overall: SOLID GOLD!!!!
2017-08-31 15:00

Fashion Collector
It is a good overall look, and the screenshots help the character. Maybe try other color combinations? It is very brown.
2017-09-06 4:20

Fashion Guru
Thank you a lot, I feel like you are over-exaggerating a tiny bit, though. xD
2017-09-11 15:14 in reply to sigshane

Fashion Guru
That was the plan, to make it brown.
Thanks for the feedback :)
2017-09-11 15:14 in reply to dellyz